Driving down bluff street on my way to work I ran over an animal bigger than a rabbit or squirrel but too small for a fox or coyote maybe a child coyote probably a raccoon it came stretched out and tight into the road and there was no time and later on at work I would listen to a Jewish woman talk about the safe places in Europe about Poland and Warsaw and Auschwitz and the silence and sickness and ladies in burkas who blew themselves up why would they do that why would they why and also a man someone’s cousin fell down the stairs onto his head and isn’t going to make it and she just wanted to call before Sunday she wanted them to hear it from her and I drive on to work and look at the animal in the rearview mirror the glass shaking its body into a blur its flat and still body with its nose poking up as if trying to sniff the other side and I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop. Why? Why didn’t I stop?


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