How I Deal With My Face

Tie the hair back wet the skin hot water cover with Argon Oil swipe up with razor against the neck first then down the neck rinse then across the neck then rinse blade move on to the chin rinse and cheeks still swiping upwards backwards rinse then across sideways another rinse then carefully down the upper lip around the mouth rinse along the jaw and chin watch for old nicks and scrapes backwards forwards wash the blade use moisturizing cleanser squirt exfoliant rub in gentle circles five minutes rinse feel for missed patches trim rinse with cold water dry thoroughly rub in restorative gel rub into cuts rub around lips and chin let dry add coconut oil but not too much just little dabs rub in rub all over the face down the neck and chest along shoulders upper arms if enough oil rub and wait and rub until the bleeding stops.

But today I didn’t shave.
It’s not so bad
if I don’t touch my face.
And if I do, if
I slip up
and rub a cheek, I just
feign embarrassment
at falling on my face
in the sandbox


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