The Argument is Over

No matter how much hair grows on my arms
I am a woman.
No matter the terrible depth of my voice
I am a woman.
No matter how high my testosterone has risen
no matter
how piddly my estrogen no matter how porous
and rough
and thick my skin is no matter the beard
no matter
my name my masculine title my cancerous penis my
useless tits
no matter the chromosomes or DNA no matter
the anger
that has nowhere to go or the despair you deny me
no matter
what excuses you brew what alternatives you find
no matter
what garbage you believe to make my existence fit
into your closet
your cubby your safe box your chapel the wrong end
of your foggy telescope.
I am a woman.
No matter what you think you know. I am woman.
I am woman.
Furious and fragile, broken and mended and broken and tired and raging.
But a woman.
Believe me or deny me, I am still a woman. I am a woman. I am.
I am a woman.


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