In Praise of Therapists


3 thoughts on “In Praise of Therapists

  1. I’ve never thought of therapy like this. I’m naturally curious, or nosy 😉 and as I begin to understand others, I begin to understand myself. I see therapy as a give-give relationship that requires a lot of trust on the part of the client and I feel honored when I am trusted with someone’s most vulnerable parts. I’ve always felt that having empathy for each other is the only way that the human race can heal and live in harmony. And yes, wouldn’t it be nice if we could have compassion and empathy for each other now and not wait for heaven. I think it is possible to have heaven on earth…one day.
    Thank you for trusting me so you could be vulnerable enough to discover yourself. It takes a lot of courage and you are the most courageous person I know!

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