On my way North

Blue sky in Boise. Eating salmon pita and celery sticks at the Red Lion hotel bar. I’m eating and listening to Jasmine Thompson sing her version of “You are my sunshine”.  The song my mother would sing to me as a baby and cry, so happy then. 

I think it’s good to have been a boy before.  To listen mother’s music and love cars and watch my uncle draw motocross rides tearing up the dirt ramps.  And it’s good to hold those moments in the pink locket of my brain, and get dressed in my new beauty, the skirts I’ve always wanted, the shoes and long hair. 
Most of all it’s good to be one person, one woman, born from a man, now learning new and once unthinkable ways to love. 


One thought on “On my way North

  1. I hadn’t thought about that before. You will have access to two points of mindset…male and female.Two sets of subliminal maturing, two sets of ways to act throughout your life. Two sets to choose from in individual situations.


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