We’ve Had Enough

enough gossiping
enough speculation about which cousin or wife or whoever is the most selfish the most unreasonable the most insert-nasty-comment here
enough judgment
that includes you god
enough sorting men from women
heroes from newspaper delivery persons
and what happened to faith
not in you god
faith in those without bank statements
faith in those who are ready to die
faith in the third-try student who lives
on 300 dollars a month and volunteer healthcare
faith the possibility to have faith
enough doubt and accusations
enough of those who say “those goddam lazy street urchins”
enough wasted life in the office trading toothpaste for time at the shark tank aquarium
enough cremating
enough burial
enough cash in life insurance to pay the 1500 for death plus tax and a plot
Enough excuses
Enough it can’t be done we don’t have the funds we’re to busy blowing shit up all around the world
enough enough enough
stop telling people who they are
as if you know better
enough definitions enough acronyms enough sorting us like beads into little plastic compartments that clip shut and slide into a drawer
enough rhetorical questions enough “you’re no more a man than I am the princess of Whales”
enough knowing
you don’t know shit
you can’t tell a human from a credit score
enough of your yacking
you will not talk any more
your mouth is a locked chest filled with spiders
you will not say another word
it’s time you listened
listened without interruption without “…but that’s not…” or “that doesn’t make any sense”
enough of your opinions
you know nothing about us
you haven’t listened
I’m giving you another chance
to shut up and wait and listen and look straight into our faces
and then if you still won’t understand
if you still lack compassion
then enough of you
move on to someone else
we’ve had enough of your ignorant arrogance


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