A Sonnet Without Proof

Go to work without adornment today.
Don’t draw eyebrows where the eyebrows were.
Don’t shave the rough paches along the jawbone.
Don’t bother with heels or tights.

Leave your hair in peace. Don’t split your head into pigtails
or rummage for matching earrings and a choker.
Leave your bra in the hamper. Tuck the pink kitty socks away.
Don’t worry so much about posture or walking as if two inches off the ground.

The day is blue and warm. I can see the carpet in my rented room again.
Goldfish swimm in my memory. I want to twist chicken wire
into trees, grow bamboo in glass cylinders, listen to water
ploshing over pebbles. I want to play with Legos.

I will not be who I am for them. We have no more need for that.
We know ourselves. We don’t owe them proof of anything.


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