A Sonnet With Extra Visibility

I will be the first to admit I will never
be completely happy in this body. I will be the first
to admit it will always be an immitation of a woman’s body.
But I am not an immitation. They say be patient,

transition takes a long time. I say, the only thing transitioning
is my body and my ability to accept or not accept its failures.
I ask you to sit down with me for an hour. Look sideways
into my face with one eye and your whole imagination.

Listen with both ears to my pain and joy which is different
but also the same as your pain and joy. You have the luxury
of choice. So choose patience. Have some coffee.
Tell a joke. Listen to my story. Let me lay the woman I am

before you. If you’re open enough. Patient enough. Willing enough.
You will see me. The human. The life. The woman. Me.

Not in spite of my body, but through it.


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