The People’s State of the Union Address

The next time you tell us you’re sorry
about whatever thing that can’t or won’t be done or the next time you say
take a deep breath or look for the silver lining or it could be worse or the next time
you assure us our lives matter and don’t give up and death isn’t the answer
we will say this only one more time because we know
how many years it takes for you to process anything we bring you
only one more time that we are through being passive and calm
one “no” away from releasing every last ounce of fury pent up these hundres of years
and don’t you done be sorry
our sanity is not a negotiation are you serious
about the deep breath really the time for relaxing has past
that canoe has gone and we will not be calm we will not muffle our anger we won’t look for the silver lining
as if it came pre-packed and delivered when we least expect
we make our own
we demand it
you give us no choice
we know more than all of you combined how much our lives matter but tell us again
what we already know
yammer away if you must framed as you always are by your body guards and cameras
go ahead and spit out your proclamations
bow to the gods of economy and impossibility
we demand to know when
the farce you call government
will take any convincing practical visible real action to prove
that we the people matter
you’ve deliberated enough
you’ve dribbled the ball around the courts long enough
your stalling is killing us
and we know more than you care know
how much our lives matter.


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