Two Poems for a Good Day

What Joy Does

I matter I am
matter you are
matter we matter
particulate matter we
matter together conglomerate
I am you
matter we are

How it Feels to Exist Without Trying

socks don’t match
pink slip-ons don’t match
black skinny jeans
blue over-sized T-shirt don’t match
nothing is in its proper place
nothing fits
I drew one eyebrow arching up then down
and the other eyebrow down then up
I didn’t put up my hair
I didn’t shave
I sat at the desk in the apartment for twenty minutes
and thought I couldn’t leave without shaving
but I didn’t shave and here I am
in my favorite chair at Sugar House Coffee
with a woman sitting beside me who likes my shoes
she looks into my eyes
she can’t see any shadows along the chin
and I think it is safe now
I will drop the black curtain
I will set down the iron shields
and exist as I am
a lover
and beloved lover of lovers


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