Dear Aliens On Earth

Do you spend entire nights, as I do
looking at the stars
their strange arrangements
and wonder which on is yours
if any are yours?
Have you forced yourself to stop
as I’ve had to.
Because it seems our people aren’t coming back.
Because we are what’s left.

I’ve thought dying might take me home.
I’ve thought existing here wasn’t possible
the solitude more empty
than the space between our stars
but now I’ve heard you are hear also
that you exist as I do
and know as little as I know
how we came to be so far away
from everything we’ve ever known.
I still catch myself looking up at night
and standing still in the cool desert night.
I think I’ll never feel at home here.
I want to feel human.
How about you?  
Have you made a home on this planet?
Have you found someone to love?

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