I’m Fed Up With the Dissociated States of America

I’m fed up with our “freedom” chanting. I’m not sure we ever valued or wanted real freedom, or understood what it’s implications are. I’m not sure we ever understood what is required for the “pursuit of happiness.” I’m bothered by the fact that in spite of our country’s founding ideals to escape the rule of a king and requirement to belong to the king’s church, we still expect the president to attend some sort of Christian service, that pastors have any part in a president’s inauguration, or that many Americans somehow consider this nation to be a Christian nation.

Ugh. I don’t want to argue about that. I have no beef with Christianity. And really, I have no beef with the U.S. I’m just fed up with the place. I’m fed up with our strange obsession with “patriotism” whatever that even means. I’m fed up with our apparent ignorance about the definition of “all men (all people) are created equal.” Americans have never practiced equality. Never. Slavery. Women’s rights. The battle over gay rights and now transgender issues. People of color have always faced false assumptions, stereotypes, economic segregation. No one is equal. In America, one group of people or another will always carry more power, more value, than the smaller groups. The poor tend to be blamed for their own poverty. We expect those who can’t work for whatever reason, to deal with a pathetic social security system, a limited under funded nearly destroyed public healthcare system. Worst of all, we are a country of immigrants who show little patience towards those who don’t speak English, or speak it poorly.

God, now I’m just ranting. I’m just fed up with this country. I’m tired. I need a new language, a new people, a new everything. So help me gods.


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