I’m a 39 year-old, recently divorced, would-be poet, who is tired of explaining.  I’m tired of everything really.  Ask my therapist, she’ll back me up.  I’m tired of trying.  At one time, I was tired of living.  So you’ll understand, this is some serious weariness.  It isn’t the too tired to get out of bed in the morning kind of tired.  It’s a brain tired, remember-to-breathe tired, what-day-is-it and how-much-longer kind of tired and will-everyone-please-stop-talking tired.

So if I’m so tired, and if I want everyone to stop talking, what am I doing starting this blog? It’s simple, really.  Rather than write “about” stuff, I want to see stuff, imagine stuff, eat and hear and feel stuff.  I want to fill this blog with images.  Not photographs, or what we would normally consider an image.  I’m talking about the literary image.  An object seen sideways.  A thing placed against a peculiar background.  The title of this blog is a good example of a literary image.  It’s unusual for sure.  Strange, yet still possible.  More importantly, it is highly suggestive.  Aside from the literal image, what might a stork in a corset suggest?  What meanings?  Why a corset?  Why a stork?  Why specifically those two together?  There is no correct answer, no correct interpretation of the stork in a corset.  And that is the point.  The answer is less important than the fact that we must strain our imaginations to find a connection, a possible meaning.  A possible multitude of meanings.

We live in a world driven by answers.  No corporation ever held a conference in order to imagine up suggestive possibilities.  No, they want answers.  The best answer.  The quickest route to Vegas; the cheapest hotel; the right candidate.  How much is it?  Will my insurance cover radiation treatment?  How will I ever have enough for retirement?  Should I use a gun to end my life, or would it be better for everyone if I disappeared into the ocean?

Of course, I’m not suggesting that such questioning is a bad thing (the suicide question is neither good nor bad: it just happens).  I am suggesting that the constant need for answers can drive a person mad.  Which, in the end, is why I’ve started this blog.  Imagine this space as a sort of vacation from answers.  You may come and look and wonder and ask yourself why, or simply enjoy the quiet moments, the contradictions that somehow don’t contradict.  Let this space allow you to break away from explaining.  Let it be an open field filled with the animals that fill our bodies, the choking storks, the imitating monkey, and naturally the elephant — the two ton bag of memories and bones that’s been in the room all our lives, standing shunned and ignored.